Youth protection policy

Onface Games is trying to make a sound service environment to protect youth from harmful information


Objectives of youth protection policy

We strive to create beneficial environments to protect youth from mentally and physically harmful surroundings.

Protection of youth rights


Right to be protected from harmful environments

We take measures to protect youth from environments that may harm or harm their health.


Right to protect personal information.

We handle and manage youth personal information according to the company’s privacy policy. To provide smooth and stable service for teenagers, we collect personal information legally and justly within the minimum range when joining as a member and do not use it for other purposes. We also take the best measures to ensure that the ollected personal information is safely managed. A child’s legal representative or adolescent may request to view and correct relevant personal information.

Restricted youth access to and
control measures

Werestrict access and take control measures to provide appropriate services for teenagers.


Age-grade service

We take measures to allow teenagers to use age-appropriate services. We check a user’s age when the user uses our games, and restrict access to games that are not available to teenagers.


Real name and identity authentication system

When users use services provided by the company, they must use a real name and go through identity authentication procedures to prevent them from using services that do not match their age or being exposed to harmful media for teenagers.


Obtain the consent of a legal representative

If a child under the age of 14 requests to use our services, we approve the application with the consent of his/her legal representative. In addition, teenagers should also obtain consent from their legal representatives when they want to perform act with responsibility such as payment of fees.


Prohibited words

We control the range of prohibited words and violent expressions for healthy language habits of adolescents.


Filtering system

We use filter an abusive language, slang, or jargon in a chat room.


Monitoring of unhealthy information

We monitor information for 24 hours to protect teenagers from unhealthy information.


Restrictions on advertising

We restrict the content of advertising to prevent teenagers from being exposed to harmful ads (adult advertisements, harmful substances, etc.).


Restrictions on acts that hinder public order and morals.

We restrict matters that hinder public information or good customs.


Payment limit

We set a monthly paid payment limit to prevent excessive payment by teenagers.


Provision of payment information and game use information

We provide monthly payment details of youth users to legal representatives. In addition, at the request of a legal representative, he/she can check the youth’s game usage and payment details.


Posting precautions to prevent game use for a long time

We post precautions on the first page of the game screen to prevent teenagers from using games for a long time, and regularly posts phrases that inform the lapse of usage time while playing the game.

Education for workers
to protect youth

We educate workers on youth protection. Youth protection education is provided by a youth protection officer or entrusted to an external expert or institution.

Youth protection campaignm, etc.

We conduct various campaigns such as youth potection, Internet use culture, and game use culture to create a healthy use environment.

Counseling for damages caused
by harmful information and
adjustment fo grievances

We strive to protect teenagers from harmful information. We consult and handle damages caused by harmful information by collecting opinions on youth protection, and handling complaints.

Compliance with the Internet
corporate code of ethics and
guidelines for youth protection

We comply with the Internet corporate code of ethics and guidelines for youth protection.